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Like most adults today I am always busy, but I love hearing people's ideas for works that they would like for me to make. If there is something you desire and have in mind for a special commission, please feel free to email. I am always open to working with people and their individual budgets.

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Art Trade - this occurs when I reach out to an artist that I admire (or an artist reaches out to me) and I ask them if we can trade art pieces, nothing in particular, no particular medium whatever they want. then I make a piece for them that I think they will enjoy.  

Commissions - when I been asked to make a work under specific guidelines for a collector out of my usually style/bodies of work. Or when I have been asked by an institution or an organization to make a work under certain guidelines to be exhibited and later be donated.

Donations - when I make a work under under specific guidelines and donate it so that it can be sold to raise money for an organization or an event I believe in (I have on occasion also donated works from other bodies of work as well).

Gifts - when I decide to make work for someone because I care about them and they are my friend and I want to make them something that they can have forever that reminds them of how much I care.

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