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Deborah Green


Born Lila Carter in 1947 to a working-class family in Sacramento, CA. In her early 20s she joined a “back-to-the-land” collective called the Bear Tribe. Lila, threw herself into this new life, marrying another member, Jim Green. One day, Jim brought home a man he’d met while hitchhiking. The man told him and Lila about Jesus’ message of redemption. The man led the couple in a prayer. With that, according to Jim, “we changed Gods.”
1981, she and Jim founded “Free Love Ministries,” a religious community based out of their Sacramento home. Lila began to believe she was a prophet of the apocalypse, began calling herself Deborah, after the only female judge in the Bible. Her and Jim’s messages grew more vigorous in their condemnations of homosexuality, psychoanalysis, rock and roll, and other satanic forces.
1988, Maura Schmierer and several members filed a lawsuit against Free Love Ministries for abusive treatment, asking for 20 million dollars in damages. The Green’s lost by not appearing in court and went on the run from the law. The court ordered ACMTC to pay Schmierer $1.02 million. In 1993, ACMTC secured an old school building in Berino, and established another camp in Gallup, NM. In August 2017, Deborah Green and her son-in-law Peter Green were arrested on charges of sexual abuse of children. In September 2018, Deborah Green was sentenced to 72 years in prison after being convicted of child rape, kidnapping and child abuse.

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