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Marina Tsvigun


Born in StalinoUkrainian SSRUSSR. 1990 she attended lectures by Yuri Krivonogov, the "White Brotherhood" co-founder, who recognized her as a new messiah and later received the role of "Higher Priest" of the Great White Brotherhood.

She predicted the Time of Apocalypse and the coming of the Holy Spirit on November 10, 1993. The event was supposed to be accompanied by her sermons in the Sophia Cathedral. That day, the members of the Brotherhood stormed the Cathedral and were arrested.Kiev City Court found Tsvigun and Krivonogov guilty of violating citizens' health under the guise of religious ceremonies and seizing by force and sentenced to 4-7 years in prison.  6 months later, in August 1997, Tsvigun was freed as a part of an amnesty on the 6th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine.

She later changed her name and surname to Victoria Victorovna Preobrazhenskaya; and started the multidimensional project "Cosmic Poliart of the Third Millennium of Victoria Preobrazhenskaya" and tried to renew the Great White Brotherhood registration as a public organization, which was denied. As of November 2008, she lives in Russia, where she runs an art gallery "Dom Solntsa". [cited Wikipedia]

Marina Tsvigun (b1960): Project
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Marina Tsvigun (False Prophet)

2022-2023, Embroidery, thread, fabric, dress silk lining from from E. Shoshan, fake gilded gold frame, 10 x 13 inches

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[cited from]

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya (Maria DEVI CHRISTOS), maiden name is — Mamonova, Was Born in 1960 in Donetsk (Ukraine). From the age of six She has been Writing poetry and music on Inspiration from Above.

In 1986 She graduated Kiev State University from T.G. Shevchenko, journalism faculty. After studies She worked in Donetsk on radio and in a press. She was a member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR. In 1989 She was selected the deputy of regional council in Leninsk district of Donetsk from the democratic block of the union of voters. She was known for the publications in the local press, exposing party-apparatus and corruption.

On April, 11th, 1990, during operation, doctors fix Her death. The condition of physiological death (don’t confuse with clinical) proceeds 3,5 hours, per which time, Her Soul Ascends to the Spiritual Plan where There Is a Birth from Above Consubstantial Mother of the World — Sophia Light Wisdom — with the New Name: Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

After 3,5 hours the Soul of Mother of the World Comes back in a lifeless body. Her First Words were: «I Am a Messiah!»

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The White Brotherhood - 15 years later​

November 12, 2008
Anastasia DAUGULE.

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