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Sara María Aldrete Villareal


Born in, Mexico, she attended high school in Brownsville, TexasUnited States while still living south of the border, and attended Texas Southmost College. c. 1986 she met Adolfo Constanzo, who introduced her to witchcraft and dark magic. He gave her the nickname "La Madrina", and initiated her into his cult. Eventually Constanzo named Sara his second-in-command. Adolfo and Sara are believed to have directed human sacrifices, mutilations and other rituals involving human organs in the belief that the rites would protect their drug-smuggling ring. 

1989, the killings grew more frequent; and Mark J. Kilroy, a University of Texas student on Spring Break, was abducted and murdered. Constanzo, Aldrete and the rest of the cult went on the run when detectives discovered their 'shrine'. They found human hair, brains, teeth, and skulls at the site of the murders. Eventually, the police found their hideout in Mexico City on May 6, 1989.

Aldrete was convicted of criminal association in 1990 and jailed for six years. In a second trial, she was convicted of several of the killings at the cult's headquarters and sentenced to 30 years in prison. If Aldrete is ever released from prison, American authorities plan to prosecute her for the murder of Mark Kilroy.

Sara and Adolfo currently have 16 confirmed victims, but the true number is suspected to be 26.  

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Sara María Aldrete Villareal (False Prophet)

2022, embroidery, thread, hot glue, plastic pearls, blue rhinestone, fake black gilded frame, 8 x 12 inches

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