~Caroline Cossey~

Born August 31, 1954, Brooke, Norfolk, England

In 1981 Tula, aka Caroline Cossey, was featured in Playboy, August 1981, as part of the exclusive James Bond photo spread promoting the then new Bond film "For Your Eyes Only" (1981), in which Tula had a small role. In the photoshoot, Tula has an entire page dedicated to her beautiful nude body in what appears to be creek.

Tula's personal life and privacy was stolen from her when shortly after the film's release,  the tabloid "News of the World"  revealed that Tula was born as cis-male, with the horrific headline, "James Bond Girl Was a Boy." Consequently this revelation also made her her the first Male-to-female Transgender model to ever grace the pages of Playboy, all the way back in 1981.

Over the next few years Tula was in the media, with an engagement, then a broken engagement, a book release, and her continual (and still ongoing) fight for Transgender rights.

In 1991, Playboy made the decision to have Tula back in the magazine, this time in her own photoshoot discussing her life and personal journey. The photoshoot, beautiful, showing Tula as the strong beautiful woman she is. The language in the interview is caring and sensitive, the language in reference to Tula light-years ahead of what we see even today. 




Playboy, June 1981


Tula, 1991

Part of Caroline "Tula" Cossey

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Playboy, September 1991