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History Reseen

Works that have been inspired by a re-analyzation of historical events, people, and locations. Looking at the facts and bringing to light the often forgotten aspects of world changing events and people so that they are not forgotten, so that sacrifices are not made in vain and those that have been caught for doing deplorable and ghastly acts are not washed out of history, and their evil deeds continue to be repeated.


History Reseen: Text
History Reseen: Selected Work

Traitors & Martyrs


This series was inspired by the photograph of a young woman who was tortured by the Nazis during Operation Barbarossa. A young woman standing up for what is right and becoming a martyr, but one I had never heard. It made me wonder how many other individuals became martyrs willingly or unwillingly that have been forgotten throughout history. This led me to then questions how many traiors that have led to the deaths of these people have not been called out or their crimes have been forgotten or considered insignificant. I wanted to go back into history and expose those individuals, the traitors, and martyrs. because I believe if we do not know our history and the people involved, we are doomed to repeat it and let those heroic and tragic deaths be in vain.

History Reseen: Text
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