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Welcome to my website.  My name is Alexandria Deters and I am a queer femme embroidery artist, researcher, writer, feminist, activist, and archivist. I believe sex and sexuality is beautiful and should be celebrated, and the things we desire and are interested in have fascinated me from a young age.  I consider every human being a 'living archive' a unique individual  that has experiences and stories worth documenting and remembering.

All these elements influence my art practice and my own perspective on the world.

This site is a place for you to explore and discover my artwork, writing, research, and up to date news on what I have recently written and where to see my work.




PRIDE 2020

June 2020

Happy PRIDE 2020! To celebrate and give back I made a special work inspired by the first LGBTQAI protest, in Los Angeles, CA at Cooper Donuts in May 1959. I am selling this work for

$600 with 40% of sales being immediately donated to G.L.I.T.S. This work is at this special price only through June.

Keep it gay, keep it bright, keep it live, keep it light.

(Cooper Donuts Riot 1959), 2020,

thread, embroidery on a page from Frolic, August 1959




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