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Susan Kilborne Musumeci 


[Anahata Graceland  formerly known as WhiteWind Swan Fisher, WhiteWind Weaver and Susan Kilborne Musumeci]
Born Susan Briggs Kilborne June 18, 1954. After her first divorce in 1977 Susan Kilborne married John Joseph Musumeci in 1979. She then became Susan Kilborne Musumeci and that union produced two children--Nicole and John. WhiteWind married her third and current husband Ben Fisher in 1996. Ben is a hypnotherapist and "Dream Coach" at Friends Landing.
According to her biography (Friends Landing Newsletter Winter 1998) WhiteWind is the product of a family "affected by alcoholism" and divorce. The Kilborne family supposedly "identified her as a seer" at a young age. At "age eight [little Susan] was 'co-creating' with her 'troll dolls'" and by the "4th grade" she supposedly gathered together her first group composed of "hurt" kids. Later in life Susan Kilborne pursued a career in counseling. She obtained her MA in psychology from Azuza Pacific University and became a licensed professional in California.

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