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Lucille Poullin


Poulin, a former Catholic nun, considers herself a prophet because she preaches the word of God. In the 1980s she moved in with her neice and began preaching scripture, eventually evolving into a strict commune, with beliefs such forbidding any blood transfusions and hard corporal punishment for children. In 2002, she was found guilty of five counts of assault for her beatings of children at the Four Winds commune on Prince Edward Island, Canada. 

At her trial, she quoted various passages she claimed indicated children who were not disciplined would be destined to spend eternity in hell. She admitted she had a struggle with using the paddle, but said she felt called to obey God's word.

She said God told her such punishment was necessary to bring children to the knowledge of the grace of God and the plan He has for them. Poulin said the wooden paddle was a rod of correction designed to keep the children on the straight and narrow path for heaven. She said she applied "good strokes" when she beat the children, but not enough to cause injury.

The former nun said there would be a "complete sense of calm" in the [Four Winds Commune] after the rod was administered. She said she wanted to make sure she approached the situation with the proper spirit and never in anger.
Information about her current whereabouts are hard to find.

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Lucille Poulin (False Prophet)


Embroidery, fabric, fake ribbon and plastic, button, lace, found fabric from Wassaic Project 2023, fake gilded frame
16 x 12 inches

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