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Magdalena Solís


known as The High Priestess of Blood, was a Mexican serial killer and cult leader responsible for orchestrating several murders which involved the drinking of the victims' blood. The murders were committed in Yerba Buena, San Luis Potosí, during the early 1960s.

Magdalena Solís came from a poor family in Tamaulipas, where she was supposedly born in 1947. She is believed to have been working as a sex worker since a young age under her brother, a local pimp named Eleazar, before joining the Hernández Brothers' sect in 1963. After this, Solís developed a serious theological psychosis, causing her to experience major religiously-oriented delusions of grandeur, coupled with a myriad of sexual perversions expressed in consuming the blood of her victimssadomasochistic tendencies, fetishistic practices and pedophilia.[

Solís was convicted of two of the murders and sentenced to 50 years in prison; authorities ascribed eight murders to Solís and suspected she was involved in as many as 15. She is regarded as one of the few documented instances of a sexually-motivated female serial killer, showing organizedvisionary, and hedonistic characteristics. [cited Wikipedia]

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Magdalena Solís (False Prophet)

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Magdalena Solís, Supreme Priestess of the Blood, Mexican vampire assassin


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