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Marie-Paule Giguère


1921, Marie-Paule Giguère was born in Sainte-Germaine-du-Lac-Etchemin, Quebec, Canada. 1944, she married Georges Cliche; they divorced in 1957. Their five children were placed out-of-home. Marie-Paule claimed to have heard celestial voices since the age of twelve. After visiting a small Marian shrine on the edge of Lake Etchemin in 1971, Marie-Paule is said to have received a revelation directing her to creating an Army of Mary ("Armée de Marie") as an alternative to the existing Legion of Mary. Founded as a prayer group in 1971, it was recognized in 1975 by the Archbishop of Quebec as a pious association. 

In 1978 Giguère introduced herself as the (mystical) reincarnation of Mary.[2] Giguère published her spiritual writings ("Vie d'amour") in 1979. In 1981, the "Army of Mary" movement changed its name to the "Family and the Community of the Sons and Daughters of Mary", and in 1983 began construction at Lac-Etchemin of a world center for the Army of Mary and the Militia. In 1987, Quebec, Cardinal Louis-Albert Vachon, withdrew the approval of his predecessor, declared the movement schismatic and disqualified it as a Catholic association because of its false teachings. He asked the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to review Giguère's writings. Then-Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI) concluded that the movement was in "major and very severe error". The Army was forbidden to organize any celebration or to propagate their devotion for the Lady of All Peoples. 

On April 25, 2015, Giguère died in the Residence of the Lady in Lac-Etchemin.

Marie-Paule Giguère  (1921-2015): Project

Marie-Paule Giguère (False Prophet)

2022-2023, Embroidery, fabric, thread, Lace, silk from dress lining from E. Shoshan, fake gilded white frame, 11 x 14 inches

In the Collection of Bill Arning, NY

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Would you believe?

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The Rise and Fall of the Army of Mary (L'Armée de Marie)

Marian Studies

By Robert Fastiggi

2012, Volume 63, Article 9

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Arkansas Catholic
October 6, 2007

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Canadian Catholic News
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September 21, 2007

Marie Paule Giguere -Mother Paul Marie, Foundress of the Army of Mary--Obituary and Biography


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