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Ruth Norman


Also known as Uriel. In the 1940s, she developed an interest in psychic phenomena and past-life regression. These pursuits led to her introduction to Ernest Norman, a self-described psychic, in 1954. She married Ernest, her fourth husband, in the mid-1950s. Together they published several books about his revelations and formed Unarius, an organization which later became known as the Unarius Academy of Science, to popularize his teachings.

After Ernest died in 1971, Ruth succeeded him as their group's leader and primary channeler. She subsequently began publishing accounts of her experiences and revelations. In early 1974, she predicted that a space fleet of benevolent extraterrestrials, the Space Brothers, would land on Earth later that year, which led the Unarius Academy to purchase a property to serve as the landing site. She revised the Space Brothers' expected landing date several times, before finally settling on 2001.Norman died in 1993. Unarius has continued to operate after her death, and formed a board of directors. Since the 2000s, leaders have concentrated on individual transformation leading to spiritual change in humankind. [cited Wikipedia]

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Ruth Norman (False Prophet)

2022, embroidery fabric, purple fishnet, plastic pearls, hot-glue, rhinestones, fake gilded frame, 8 x 12 inches

In a Private Collection, NY

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