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Kim Ki Soon

Born in South Korea, she was orphaned at a very early age and later got married to the son of a pastor. She was initially a follower of Pastor Lee Kyo-bu. When Lee was jailed in 1982, she took his place and founded Agadongsan, or Baby Garden.  Her followers saw her as the reincarnation of Christ and by joining and following her, to get an eternal and fulfilled life. She imposed strict rules on her disciples, including unmarried couples not being allowed to sleep together and making those involved in her group into manual laborers on the land she bought; creating a compound where they lived and worked. She eventually she became owner of a record company, Synnara Record, which had a heavy presence in the K-pop industry.
1996, a prosecutor would be tipped off about abuse and murders that had occurred within the group. Kim learned that her son was infatuated with a girl named Kang Mi-Gyeong, who used to work in their house as a helper, resulting in her being beaten to death. Another murder was of Nak-gwi, a young boy she claimed was possessed. He was held captive in a pigpen, beaten, and ultimately died.
1998, she was found guilty of six charges, including tax evasion, embezzlement, and assault, and was sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of 5.6 billion won (US$ 4.3 million). She was later acquitted and released on bail.She has since returned to Baby Garden and is still there in 2023.

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