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Carol Seidman


Carol Seidman, later known as Kalindi La Gourasana,  was born in 1955 in Palm Springs, CA. She started her spiritual search as a teenager. Her quest took her to Israel at age 18. Upon returning to the U.S., Carol met her first spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, who introduced her to the path of bhakti yoga. During this time, Carol met David Swanson who was studying with the same spiritual master
A powerful spiritual energy started coming to David and he and Carol recognized that it was the presence of Gourasana, a modern-day Incarnation of God. Soon a small core group of six people, along with David, Carol and Gayle (later to be known as The Lady), started meditating together and formed a group called The Miracle of Love in 1987.
Swanson as Lord Gouarsana claimed to be an incarnation of God.  Kalindi assumed leadership of the Miracle of Love in 1995 upon the passing of Swanson/ Lord Gourasana.  After her husband’s death, Kalindi claimed to be God’s voice on Earth, speaking for MOL’s Lord Gourasana.
Insider sources have told stories of Kalindi’s abuse to her inner core of followers, including dictating marriages, divorces, name changes and child conceptions. Her extravagant personal habits allegedly included spending over $100,000 annually on her wardrobe by some reports, and an increasing dependency upon chemical substances.

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