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Terri Lee Hoffman


Hoffman was born to poverty and sent to a Lutheran orphanage at nine and later adopted. In the 1950s, Hoffman became interested in meditation, metaphysics, hypnotism, Silva Mind Control and the writings of Edgar Cayce. 

In the late 1960s, after attracting followers, she incorporated her movement as Conscious Development of Body, Mind and Soul in 1974.  She claimed herself the reincarnation of Saint Teresa of Ávila as her inner circle waged war against the "black lords" on several planes of existence. Aiding them were God and the twelve "masters" such as Jesus who were visible to Hoffman. 

Later known for the unexplained deaths of some of her followers, including 2 husbands, shortly after they had willed their possessions to her.  A four-year investigation by Dallas district attorney's office failed to produce evidence tying Hoffman to the deaths, but she was later sentenced to prison for bankruptcy fraud. She was released after serving a year.

In 1995, the TV series Unsolved Mysteries featured an episode on the mysterious disappearance of Hoffman follower Charles Southern. Hoffman later married Roger Keanely and changed her name to Terri Lilya Keanely. She started a website touting her experience and many talents and wrote a financial advice book.

Terri Hoffman (1938-2015): Project
Terri Lee Hoffman_2022.jpg

Terri Lee Hoffman (False Prophet)

2022, Embroidery, thread, fabric gifted from E. Whipple, found fabric, hot glue, felt, plastic pearl beads, fake white gilded frame, 8 x 10 inches

Terri Hoffman (1938-2015): Image

Would you believe

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By George Rodrigue

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By Peter Elkind

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January 31, 2017

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December 31, 2016

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March 4, 1990
Evan Ramstad

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January 28, 1990 
By Pete Slover


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