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Valentina de Andrade


Valentina de Andrade was born in Carazinho (Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil), on September 28, 1931. In 1981, she founded Superior Universal Alignment (SUA). She believed she was contacted by extraterrestrial beings that warned her about the inevitable doom; however, if she spread their word, they would send a spaceship to collect all her followers. These ‘beings’ assured her that God doesn't exist and Jesus was an alien messiah who had arrived to earth to teach us about enlightenment and love. 

She believed that male children born after 1981 were the embodiment of evil and they had to be exterminated as a payment to these beings who would save them. From 1989-1993, young boys began to go missing and it is estimated that 19 boys disappeared. None were older than 15. Only 6 bodies were found; all had been castrated with medical expertise and then left to die in the jungle. Another five boys managed to escape, some after being castrated, and went to the police. 

In 2003, police were finally able to bring charges against the Superior Universal Alignment. Cult members included a doctor, a successful businessman, and a policeman. All prominent members of society, they had used their influence to avoid prosecution for years. After they were finally arrested, the three men were given sentences which ranged from 32 to 77 years. Valentina however  was acquitted of the murders and continues to preach her ‘gospel’.

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Valentina de Andrade (False Prophet)

2022, Embroidery, found fabric, fabric from E. Whipple, white fake gilded frame, 8 x 10 inches

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