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Zahng Gil-jah


Zahng Gil-jah (pronounced [d͡ʑaːnɡ ɡiːl d͡ʑaːh]Korean: 장길자; Hanja: 張吉子; born 29 October 1943), also romanized as Chang Gil-jah, is a South Korean woman believed to be "God the Mother" (어머니 하나님) in the World Mission Society Church of God.

The World Mission Society Church of God, a Korean new religious movement, teaches that Zahng and Ahn Sahng-Hong (1918–1985; a South Korean Christian minister regarded as Christ) are to be jointly regarded as God. She is testified by Mr. Ahnsahnghong in his Last Passover in 1984 as Heavenly Mother. Church members may call her "God the Mother", "Mother Jerusalem", "New Jerusalem Mother", or "Heavenly Mother". She is believed to have fulfilled all prophecies of the Bible.

In addition to her status in the World Mission Society Church of God, Zahng is the chairperson of the International WeLoveU Foundation (국제위러브유 운동), which changed its name from New Life Welfare Foundation (새생명복지회) in 2007. [cited Wikipedia]

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zahng_giljah2022 copy.jpg

Gil-jah (False Prophet)

2022, Embroidery, thread, fabric, silk, plastic pearls, hot glue, fake brown gilded frame,
8 x 12 inches

In a Private Collection, NY

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